The points leaders in J18 Regional

It has really been a strange autumn season, which you also see between the different series as there is a real difference in the number of games played, but we sum up the points league in any way.

Albin Byhlin, Södertälje

With only 8 games played in the East serie, LW Byhlin has managed to collect a total of 18 points, 7 goals with 11 assists for his Södertälje placed in a 3rd place.

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Karl Umegård, MODO

In the North serie, Umegård has had a good autumn with 24 points (13 goals and 11 assists) in 11 games played at the same time as his MODO is the league leader.

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Kasper Arwefjäll, Malmö

Forward Arwefjäll has managed to produce 15 points divided into 4 goals and 11 assists during his 7 games played for his Malmö in Regional South.

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Tim Almgren, Örebro

Örebro’s RW Almgren has played a total of 12 games in the West series with a score of 20 points (10 goals and 10 assists).

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