No spectators and no fun for Sweden in Canada

Strained conditions with a rather bad result

Since Sweden’s gold in Calgary / Edmonton in 2012, the medal harvest has been less fun. -13, silver. -14, silver. -15, no medal. -16, no medal. -17, no medal. -18 silver. -19, no medal. -20, bronze. To spread the misery a little more, we add “no medal” again this year, 2021.

Of course, Covid-19 was like a wet blanket over the Swedish players and the majority of the leaders. Both top players and head coaches were not allowed to participate in the championship due to the risk of infection.

But regardless, one can think that Sweden should still have done better in terms of results and due to the players they had available.

No spectators and no fun for Sweden in Canada
Photo by Fredrik Sten / Fotosten

It feels empty. Really hard. Losing to Finland in a quarterfinal, everyone who does this knows that it’s really tough. I’m suffering with the guys.

Joel Rönnmark, Coach Sweden

Something pointless as an extremely long group winning streak was also broken

As said, the medals have not been won in the last championships, but an incredible winning streak of 54 games in the group games could at least be something Sweden is proud of.

However, Russia ensured that there were not 55 games as a result.

With only 5 seconds left in overtime, Russia cracked the winning streak – a winning streak that is actually nice that it is finally over.

Now Sweden can instead build on new successes, review the structure of the tournament and try to reach its peak at the end instead of early.

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