January 2021 – Dark, empty and sad but with hope!

A start of 2021 that we really did not want

Although there were hopes that the junior series would start again in January after being paused, but there was a concern deep down that this would not be the case as Covid increased again after Christmas and the New Year holidays.

And, that’s exactly what happened .. January 8 came the news that the junior seasons ended at once, again!

With juniors without the opportunities to play games, we had to try to see a little more of what happened during the season and those who were loaned to the senior leagues instead.

Despite few games – Good with points!

Before the series was first paused and then ended completely, several players had produced really well with points during their first games played during the 2020/21 junior seasons.

14 players in top 100

A glimmer of light in all Covid’s misery was still to take part in Draft Prospects Hockey’s annual Preview Magazine, which listed no less than 14 Swedish players among the top 100.

Born and raised in Rögle BK – A dream come true!

Linus Sjödin, born 2002, has always played for Rögle BK since childhood, and this season he has shown good results with Rögle’s senior team in the SHL after several strong junior seasons behind him. The video above are in Swedish!

Thank you all visitors, I am totally speechless!

Once I started SJH, I knew it would give some interest when it was something that really was missing out. But to see this result after only a month online and all the nice words and other contacts that happened so fast, I was really not prepared for, so again a huge thank you all!

Maybe you are interested in reaching out with your knowledge, material (text / image) or in some other way that can be found here with us? Do not hesitate to contact us in such cases!

Side cover Photo by LOGAN WEAVER on Unsplash

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