Third generation Andersson – This is Noah!

Family Andersson´s – An ancient and ongoing hockey family

With a brother (Lias Andersson), father (Niklas Andersson) and uncle (Mikael Andersson) who have played around 1000 NHL games together, add to that another uncle and a grandfather who both played high up in Swedish series. Noah Andersson is next in line.

Noah is an interesting player to follow on the ice, he is an offensive player with speed and power in his game. Good things often happen when he gets the chance in front of the goal where he usually gets through his way of playing.

Both last and this season he has played a couple of games for Färjestad’s senior team in the SHL but is now on loan to Halmstad in Hockeyettan.

Photo by Fredrik Sten / Fotosten

That guy has skills! He has had a tough season with very few games but has shown a good understanding of the game.

Fredrik Johansson, Coach Halmstad

Since the transfer to Halmstad, Noah has only had time to play one game, but has two new ones this coming weekend. Halmstad leads the series towards the qualifiers and has matches against two teams that are at the bottom of the series now on Friday and Sunday.

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