Latest news – Albin Grewe VS Anton Olsson

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Albin Grewe VS Anton Olsson

In the SHL game between Djurgården and Malmö, the two juniors Albin Grewe (Djurgården) and Anton Olsson (malmö) get into a fight with each others where Grewe was the winner.

The disciplinary committee gave the following decision the day after the game: Two games suspension for Albin Grewe for fighting, non for Albin Olsson.

Pushes between the players where Albin Grewe is considered the driving part. Grewe also hits Olsson with a punch to the head when he is on his way down to the ice.

Alexander Ramsay, Swedish Ice Hockey Association / Disciplinary Committee

Super short premier in net

When Calle Clang get called back home to Rögle for a back up in SHL he got his first game in the league. 4 minutes in, he got the chance in 46 seconds. Then he was back at the bench.


Raymond needs surgery

Lucas Raymond had an old elbow injury that got worse during a match last week. Now bone fragments in the elbow have come loose and therefore require surgery, at least 4 weeks he will be away from games.
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If all goes well, the hope is that I will return this season – but it remains to be seen.

Lucas Raymond

Linus Sjödin sign senior contract

After a very stable effort with Rögle’s senior team in the SHL during the season, Linus Sjödin got the opportunity to sign his senior contract with the club he played for all his life.
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We look forward to seeing what Linus can achieve with us both this season and the following, as he now continues to grow and develop on all levels into a professional hockey player.

Chris Abbott, General Manager Rögle BK

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