12 new players to Örebro hockey high school

We feel very satisfied with this year’s intake. We think we have found an exciting mix of players and we see great potential in these guys. We continue to take steps in our business and it will be exciting to follow the boys’ journey in our environment

Henrik Löwdahl, Development manager

Eric OlssonGÖrebro(Djurgården / Boo)
Olle KarlssonDLidingö(Nacka)
Anton BrorssonDÖrebro(Kumla)
Eric BürgerDVallentuna
Melvin PetterssonFKöping
Anthon Nilsson AndrénFMora
Svante JohanssonFAlmtuna
Tobias ÖhmanFWings(Bålsta)
Johannes FriskFMora
Svante SjödinFSöderhamn
Kalle CarlssonFÖrebro(Lions)
Lukas SagrandenFÖrebro(Lions)
Clubs in parentheses are where the players come from in their youth!

Photo by: Christian Wahlgren, Pucksnack.com

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