Skellefteå AIK upcoming hockey high school selection

A group of players with great opportunities to develop and become very good. They have an exciting future ahead of them and we will do everything to create the conditions for them to be the best of themselves.

Niclas Lundkvist, Head of NIU

Wilhelm Palmgren VikstenGBjörklöven(Teg)
Jesper LööfGSkellefteå
Axel Sandin-PellikkaDSkellefteå(Malmberget)
Wilmer LindforsDSkellefteå
Rasmus BergqvistDBjörklöven(Teg)
Melker NäslundDSkellefteå(Vilhelmina)
Loke PerssonDSkellefteå(Sollefteå)
Leo SundqvistDSkellefteå
Alfons EkbladFSkellefteå(Oskarshamn)
Anton LundströmFSkellefteå
Edvin AhlstedtFHanhals(Kållered)
Elis HedlundFSkellefteå
Melker LovenlundFSkellefteå
Noel HamrebyFSkellefteå(MG/Arvidsjaur)
Oscar VoulletFSkellefteå(Clemensnäs)
Zeb ForsfjällFSkellefteå
Clubs in parentheses are where the players come from in their youth!

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