We document Swedish Junior Hockey in old classic way, kind of

Photo by Jonas Ljungdahl

Fredrik Sten is my name, I am the founder and developer of Swedish Junior Hockey. For almost 10 years I have followed the Swedish junior leagues as both a writer and a photographer.

“SJH” is a combination of my experience together with my interest in color, shape and web. The goal of this project is to expose Sweden’s best junior leagues and players in a nice, simple and readable way. Hope you as a visitor will enjoy yourself here.

Photo by Fredrik Sten / Fotosten

Normally, news sites publish articles on an ongoing basis. SJH want to give a closer picture in a nicely packaged way than to get news out as quickly as possible. We want to be able to offer the reader more of a pleasant feeling than to give the latest result from a game.

The idea of this project to offer something you usually do not find elsewhere, like an old traditional magazine – The ones you turned pages on!

Publication and Rights

This page is available in two languages, English and Swedish. Everything that is published here is written in English and then automatically translated into Swedish so some words or sentences can be wrong in their context from time to time. Everything that is written here is either the writer’s or any advertiser’s free words. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us via the form here!

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Photo by Fredrik Sten / Fotosten