Does your company want to reach new customers?

Perhaps an extremely stupid question, which company does not want to reach new customers? But the question is still justified. Reaching the right customers is the most important thing and that is where we can become partners.

Photo by Ana Krach / Pixabay

1. General advertising with large exposure in image and text format.

With our broad media concept with different visitors, there are really good opportunities for your company to be able to achieve a stimulating result by marketing you with us. We offer lots of opportunities to be seen with pictures, logos and texts.

Photo by SCREEN POST / Unsplash

2. More concentrated advertising, with product placement etc.

If you want to reach out more with special products or offers, there are also really good opportunities for this via several different marketing channels. You can choose where and how much you want to get information about your unique offers or products.

Photo by Fredrik Sten / Fotosten

We listen to you and together we look at the suitable opportunities for you to be seen with us for the best reach!

  • Front cover.
  • Side covers.
  • Menu ad.
  • Offers.
  • Articles.
  • Images.
  • + more..

There are many opportunities to succeed with your marketing via Swedish Junior Hockey. Actually, there are no obstacles except that you should be a suitable advertiser towards our readers. We do not accept advertisers with the wrong message for us or our visitors. If this sounds interesting to your company, feel free to contact us for a further discussion.